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"We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training"  - Archilochus


Leftfield Youniversity is an online coaching program guiding you through whatever you need, in whatever dose, at whatever time, incorporating:

  • exercise

  • nutrition

  • recovery

  • meditation

  • sleep

  • mindset

  • stress

  • time-management

  • productivity

This is an acknowledgment that more conventional coaching - in the form of only exercise and/or nutrition guidance - in the absence of sometimes more important factors, will only serve to magnify the problem, fuelling the fire.

Less a service of personal training or nutrition coaching Leftfield Youniversity is a process of lifestyle re-design. While exercise and nutrition are, of course, some of the tools available, they are employed only as and where appropriate - rather than when they have little to zero chance of eliciting the desired change. If you have struggled with fitness and diet in the past, or if you are somebody that ‘hates’ exercise - this is exactly why. And it’s no wonder.

Like all Leftfield Training, Youniversity operates from the following framework:

Health>Fitness>Performance achieved via Principles>Strategies>Tactics>Tools

Because that’s how your body and mind work.

[Note: the fitness and dietary industries work from exactly the wrong (right hand side) end of the scale - putting the cart before the horse. Failing to recognise that the best tactics and tools will never overcome a poor strategy. And that nothing in opposition to the fundamental principles will ever work. This only further creates confused customers who do not know what they need, but think they do - the textbook example is expecting an exercise solution to solve a nutritional problem.]

This coaching program retains the overarching Leftfield philosophy of cultivating your own fitness and nutritional practice and is not for those who just want to be told what to do. Again, this is not to be hard-arsed, it’s a simple acknowledgement of reality.

You can keep asking the questions if you want:

how should I eat?

- how should I exercise?

And you’ll find you are never short of an answer, there will be no end to the self-proclaimed expertise available regarding you.

Answers that are all useless. You are special, you’ll be glad to know, and beyond generalities, it’s impossible for me, or anybody else, to neatly package up your best dietary practice and training program. I don’t know what it will ultimately be. I do know that it will never ‘ultimately’ be anything - because there is no final answer.

You are a living, evolving being, and nothing in your life is static. Correspondingly, your best dietary, exercise, and other lifestyle factors must be ever-changing. It is never finished. However, I will share the first and most important lesson of all: you are also not special. At all.

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Your skeleton, as well as muscular, nervous and endocrine systems are run-of-the-mill, quite ordinarily, human. Given this, you have a set of rules to follow - basic operating instructions. If you have struggled with fitness and/or diet in the past, I can safely say you are not presently following them. Don’t worry, almost no one is.

Leftfield Youniversity is a process of realising these generic, universal, inescapable truths, and then learning how to best reconcile them within YOUR unique lifestyle. Learning the principles that govern your body and mind and then applying them as you see fit within the context of your life. As I said, I don’t know what that will look like - I don’t know how you should eat, exercise or anything else. You are going to figure that out, that’s why it’s called YOUNIVERSITY.

When you don’t know what your body responds to and why, then wherever you end up is either pure dumb luck or, more likely, readily avoidable misfortune.

All too rare, these skills will have you miles ahead of the zoo-human curve.

Alongside all the physical benefits this creates a host of additional advantages, a ripple effect that carries far beyond mere fitness or dietary health. While this might sound like a fantasy it arises from the realisation - not intellectually but experientially - that you have been guided not be me, but by your body through the entire process. 

But it would also be a mistake to think that it must dominate or consume your life. Not only is 'living for fitness' not the point, it is just the opposite. By concentrating only on those high-leverage practices that really shift the needle - and by following the strict order of operations as above - Leftfield Youniversity frees you from the endless cycle of time, money, and effort exhausted in the meaningless for no reward.


Fitness and dietary frustrations come courtesy of misplaced effort and following what amounts to marketing instead of a map. Repeatedly. My role as coach usually consists of nothing other than peeling away layer after layer of myth revealing the only possible outcome - health, happiness and fitness. I’ll repeat that: ‘only possible outcome’.

I know this seems hard to believe when the struggle for fitness and dietary health is the societal norm, but let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that you have managed to get yourself aligned with these principles. Do you think this is still a dance with fate? Do you think you can then decide NOT to look, feel and perform in that manner - as THAT result?

Of course not - you don’t get to choose. And it’s a failure to acknowledge this same lack of choice that guarantee the same tired old frustration.

In direct contrast to this conventional approach - we are never setting out to change your body. Aside from this being mind-bogglingly arrogant, that way lies madness, because changing your body is impossible.

At Leftfield, we change behaviour; the body changes itself.

Before you dismiss this as mere semantics, understand that everything is training. And all the time is training. The divisions we put up in our lives between training, work, nutrition, sleep, exercise etc. etc. etc are all illusory. Everything is inescapably influenced by everything else. The butterfly is always in effect.

To further help you view this in a more useful light: whatever your specific fitness and dietary struggles might be, you have had no lack of results. You are forever a result. Your body is perpetually adapting and everything you do, or don’t do - regardless of whether you value it or not - produces a result, an outcome in your body and mind.

You can eliminate the guesswork and confusion surrounding your fitness and nutrition, and cut straight through the fitness and weight-loss bullshit that saturates our lives, if you are prepared to accept control over how you look, feel and perform.

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In broad terms, the framework is the same for everyone - our hardware is all fundamentally the same and your body is calling the shots. Within this is a system of triage to then identify and address the barriers between where you begin and where you want to get to, making the specifics wholly unique to you.

Obviously, none of this occurs without effort. But you’ll quickly find that effort, of the well directed variety, produces a different kind of result. And one far more encouraging.

The modern-day climate of fat-loss formulas and weight-loss miracles reveal an industry focused solely on smoke and mirrors instead of actually serving its customers. The staggering number of these businesses confirm that it works, and yet the rate of failure for their customers - at 92% who regain any weight lost - is almost total. They succeed only in pulling the wool over their customer's eyes, making them believe the fault lies with them not the product, and if they only give it another go - it'll be different this time. 

If these alternatives ever had any chance of working we might fairly expect to see a parade of one happy, satisfied success story, after the next. Instead, we see the opposite. But given that the standard playbook invariably means the sacrificing of your physical and psychological health for the promise of your dream body, this failure is the least surprising part. 

Your health, performance and body shape are determined only by behaviour. Which in turn is determined primarily by the quality of information guiding you, how that information might apply specifically, and how you are subsequently then able to turn that information into action.


Which is where I come in. As your coach, I determine which principle best applies at any given moment and then guide you through the alchemy of turning information into behaviour, massaging it into the practical, day-to-day, reality of your life. The only way it can make any difference. And where it unfailingly will.

Then, we modify as necessary, and repeat. And that pretty much covers it. No illusions, no mystery. Until you have a very good idea about exactly what makes YOU tick. Which in today's society makes you damn near superhuman.

None of these rules and principles are mine, nor are they secret, miraculous, or anything else. This is neither owned or claimed because it's nothing other than mere observance of how the body and mind work. I don’t just mean we are ‘looking’ at it - I mean we allow for it, we consider it, we acknowledge it. We work with it.

Because when you don’t, you cannot possibly ‘win’, however you might care to define it.


An evidence-based protocol incorporating the best practices of exercise science, nutrition, and behaviour change. Through learning and following the physiological principles that govern your body and mind, you'll discover that your goals are not something to be strived for or chased and that fitness, however you might define it, is not an endless pursuit to be grudgingly endured, it just happens. It can’t not. Not without effort, to be clear, but an effort that is assuredly rewarded. All the help you need to help yourself. 


There is no detoxing, juicing, or any other 'modality' that might be deemed pseudoscience. There is no mindless exercise, with a clear distinction made between 'tired and sweaty' and 'better' - not always the same thing. There is no restrictive dieting, calorie-counting or meal plans not only due to a lack of efficacy but because they only encourage further disconnection from the body. There is no supplement and/or equipment up-selling and all guidance comes uncompromised by any affiliation.

Your body can only reflect what you do with it. So, if you choose to do annual challenge/transformation/diet, or you still believe there is some miracle product/program that might absolve you of the work required, that is exactly what you will look, feel and perform like. Exactly.

Or, you can look, feel and perform like somebody who knows how their body works. And, like everything in Leftfield Youniversity, it’s your choice.

Register for your free, no-obligation phone consult below noting that in some circumstances this program may not be the best option for you at this time. If that is the case I have the integrity to say so, and will advise you as to your next best step, as I see it.

In keeping with the Leftfield ethos of self-reliance and personal responsibility you will never be subject to any pressure and there are no up-sells, no hidden extras. Leftfield is not for everyone, I understand and respect that. 

Leftfield Training represents a significant investment of both your time and money. And while I can almost guarantee it will be quite different to what you expect, I further insist you are more than satisfied with your investment.  With a 30-day money back guarantee this is a risk-free opportunity for you to develop your own complete fitness, dietary and lifestyle practice. A practice that best reflects who you are are, what you do, and who you want to be.

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 Expert 1:1 exercise, nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

Strategic, practical, daily nutrition practices that specific to you and your lifestyle.

Expert-designed training programs, customised to your fitness and skill level, goals, and time available.

Feedback, support, trouble-shooting, and accountability.

A zero-risk opportunity to build the foundations for a lifetime of dietary health and fitness.

Available in 12-week semesters*

1 x semester $601

2 x semester $1080 (540/semester)

3 x semester $1461 (487/semester)

4 x semester $1748 (437/semester)

*Instalment arrangements can be made with payments debited fortnightly

THE ‘BITE-SIZED’ INTRODUCTORY PROGRAM (half the first semester) is available at 1 x $299.


Applications close 5pm Wednesday November 6th.

Numbers strictly limited.


ONE FINAL THING ( I promise)

In yet another break from standard fitness protocol, you will have noticed there are no 'before and after' pics plastered all over this page. Over the past 9 years I have played my small part in hundreds of 'success' stories, and I absolutely advise my clients to use these photos but only as their own measure of progress.

I have never used these photos for marketing and never will. Aside from being easily faked - or merely capturing a very temporary 'result', I don't see it as any sort of fair trade-off:

 - I'll use you as a marketing tool, yes, in your underwear, if I do my job - what you're paying me for.

I don't employ my clients for my own ends, they employ me. I can’t imagine enjoying the prospect of being plastered all over the internet in my underwear,  so I don’t see the use of these pics as a demonstration of proficiency, more a demonstration of placing my own needs before those of my clients.

Fitness and nutritional marketing, along with most of what lies behind it, is invariably total bullshit and I will not be joining in. To be clear, I also don't claim any lack of failure - behaviour change is hard. If it wasn't, you wouldn't need me. But there are also times in which I don't make any difference either. That's the reality.

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If you have any concerns as to the efficacy of this coaching, I am happy to put you in contact with a current participant or graduate, and aside from having a chat to them, they can show you their undies pics if they wish. 

I don't do social media either (if you're interested, this is why) and I well know this doesn't help clear up the 'who is this mystery man?' factor. However, don't forget the following two points, because I want to make this a decision you won't be losing any sleep over - because then my first job as your coach will only have to be to get you to sleep better, so it doesn't make sense on any level.

  1. You have a 30-day money back guarantee, and I will also say that a few people (< 10%) do avail themselves of it. While this can be for any number of reasons it's usually because it's discovered to be something quite different than the typical 'do this exercise and eat this' program. In any case, while thirty days is probably not enough time to see any dramatic success, it's more than enough time for you to make a fully informed decision and to clear up the 'is this guy full of shit?', question. Spoiler Alert: No.

  2. At this stage, you're just scheduling a phone call. Nothing to lose - it's just a chat on the phone, you know, like normal people. Well, I don’t know about you…. but I'm normal. Okay…. normalish.

I look forward to talking to you.