Few people are happy with how their bodies look, feel or perform. Almost everybody has tried some form or exercise and/or dietary program only to quit and end up back where they started, or worse. Or simply to get nowhere at all. This is all due to the promotion and support of practices that are shown to be ineffective, a blinkered focus on the short-term, and a culture that only creates dependence and a learned helplessness. Leftfield Training was founded with the purpose of addressing the systemic failings of the fitness and weight-loss industries, and society in general.


[TL:DR - following the principles that govern body and mind. And that's it.]




1. Principles-based: Everything at Leftfield is strictly aligned with the principles that govern your body and mind. The conventional approach is to focus instead on outcome and a whole series of buzzwords like 'goals' and 'results' - usually in the form of other buzzwords like 'toned', '6-pack' and 'shredded'. But you cannot start from the end

2. Mind-first/inside-out:  The conventional approach is to try and override the brain when it comes to diet and fitness. It might even work for a time. But you don't get away with it for long and this mind-body schism is at the core of every fitness and dietary problem. While most assume that fitness is a physical process, the reality is that any sustainable change in physique can only be the result of changes made at a psychological and emotional level. At Leftfield you focus on creating habits and behaviour that support you over the long term. Not just healthy but basic common sense.

3. Best-practice: The underlying model at Leftfield is that used by the world's best trainers, gyms, sports teams, athletes and military organisations. While you may be thinking that doesn't sound too applicable to you, that would be an all too common mistake. They follow broadly the same template not because they are looking for the same result but because they are all starting from the same place - the same place as you - human. Don’t ask me why this well-established, readily available and, ubiquitous amongst the recognised leaders of the industry, approach remains such a rarity at the general fitness level, it’s a mystery to me also. It is duly ignored, almost without exception, both by those in pursuit of and the professionals guiding the pursuit of - insert your goal here - along with every fitness and dietary goal you have ever heard of. 

In what is perhaps Leftfield Training’s greatest departure from the mainstream, you may also have noticed that these pillars make no mention of your goals. But this dose of fitness and marketing sacrilege is for good reason and is not because your goals are not important, but because they are. Although you may want to sit down for this because, as Archilochus points to at the top of the page:

Your body doesn't know, understand, or care what your goals might happen to be. In fact, your body responds to almost everything EXCEPT that.


That this still escapes the mainstream is clearly evident in the pain, confusion and frustration surrounding all things fitness and nutrition - a relatively modern-day malaise. To be clear, fitness and nutrition can, no doubt, be all of those things, but only if you are doing it wrong.

The good news is that your body does respond to every one of the 3 pillars above. It always has done. And if you focus on just that, instead of everything but, your fitness and dietary goals will then appear to you. Like magic.  Except it's not magic, and it's not without effort, of course, it's just that you started speaking a language that your body does understand. Finally.

Progress will only, can only, come courtesy of understanding the rules by which your body and mind operate - and then applying yourself to them.

The even better news is that in doing so you are no longer subject to vagaries of fitness or dietary fate - will this work for me? By contrast, it makes your progress not just possible, but inevitableyour body wants to be fit.

Leftfield Training offers the opportunity to develop an understanding of your body and to reawaken your lost love of, and essential need for movement. This is not a distinction made through age or gender, fitness or athleticism. With ages ranging from 20 - 66, all levels of fitness, skill and ability catered for. Everyone has their own individual needs and goals, and they all shared the same worries about joining a group fitness class. 

At Leftfield, the focus is on learning and empowerment. Leftfield provides an encouraging and supportive environment as a testing ground in which you come to determine your best fitness and nutritional practices, gaining complete independence and control over how you look, feel and perform. Always.

The final point to appreciate is that none of this is about living for fitness. It is not meant to, nor does it need to dominate your life. Concentrating solely on those high-leverage practices that really move the needle frees you from the endless cycle of time, money, and effort exhausted in the meaningless for no reward.


Leaving plenty MORE time for, you know, other stuff.


This has literally changed my life. I had been exercising 3-4 times a week however I was never happy with my body until now. Its not just education on nutrition but its about learning the tools for healthy eating that is sustainable. Not only do I feel great, I sleep better, I have more energy and I can feel my fitness has significantly improved. Before, I could not run more than 400 meters, now I can a complete 5 km run
— A. Shah, 37
What I love about Leftfield is that – unlike with a gym – you’re never alone, there’s always someone to guide you and it gets better over time. You get better over time.
What Oli gives you is a philosophy based in reality. You’re not always going to be motivated, you’re not always going to be excited about exercise and sometimes you want a doughnut. What he gives you are tools to help you find your personal goals and to start building the habits that lead to positive changes in your fitness, the way you eat and the way you think. Habits that stick.
We’re always learning something new, which keeps it interesting and keeps it challenging. This programme has busted a few myths for me and given me a better understanding of how to live healthily. I’ve achieved some lifelong fitness goals and now aiming for some more. 
— Geoff Rose, 34
This is a great way to undertake nutrition and fitness change: totally doable day-to-day, focusing on graduated, continuous effort rather than all-out change that can’t be sustained long term.
— Fleur Gabriel, 37
I really feel comfortable in the group and that was important to me. You want to train with genuine, down to earth people who are not judging your abilities. I was definitely nervous about this factor and I wasn’t 100% sure if the group would be far more advanced than myself. I think it is a bonus you can mix and match your session days. Sometimes with busy work schedules, I find this fabulous. I feel you have a focus on the connection of mind and body. 18 months ago, if I read this on your website I wouldn’t have cared or connected to this whatsoever, but there is a definite link to feeling good, thinking positively, really treating yourself right, not just exercising but eating right too.
— Jen Jones, 33
I’d known for a long time that I needed to do something about my fitness, my weight, my body shape. I don’t like gyms, and I’d tried working out on my own, but it’s just so hard to stay committed.
Two of my friends convinced me to join them at Leftfield. I enjoyed it from the very first session. The thing about Oliver is, he always clearly explains what we’re doing, and why. It really feels like... science. There’s no yelling or cajoling - it’s not boot camp - it’s just considered and effective exercises and techniques, personalised for my particular needs.
And we have a lot of fun! There’s some lovely and funny people in the Leftfield groups - don’t be mistaken though; I’m the funniest.
I’ve been training with Leftfield for about 15 months. In that time I’ve become considerably stronger, my waistline has shrunk 15cms, and I’m now 10kg lighter. I also enjoy exercise now, and I self motivate to swim and cycle and run every week, on top of my sessions at Leftfield. I feel great.
— Simon Barber, 36