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LEFTFIELD TRAINING was founded by Oli Murdoch in 2010. He thinks that continuing to refer to himself in the third person is pretentious.

I enjoy guiding people to the realisation that fitness and good nutrition are a natural extension of an increased awareness of, and connection to our bodies. An outcome that more mainstream practices make increasingly difficult.

I see my key role is to guide them to the understanding that they can do all of it themselves, that they don't need anything. A personal trainer in their usual guise of rep counter, cheerleader or gatekeeper, is not only pointless but more of a hindrance in helping people develop a lifestyle of health and fitness.

In addition to the obvious contradiction of being anti-personal trainers - and seeing the independence of those that seek my guidance as the true indication of my success, I enjoy a retention rate that far exceeds the industry norm. I guess/hope it's just because they like it here.

I have an athletic background, playing team sports all through childhood in addition to swimming, sailing, waterskiing and windsurfing - anything on the water. I came to the fitness world via a life-changing injury and my subsequent search for treatment for chronic pain. I specialise in callisthenics (bodyweight exercise), corrective exercise, kettlebells, nutrition coaching and the keystone to all of it, behaviour change. I have had a lifelong interest in the development of human potential, and learning in general.

I have worked as a Divemaster, chef, and DJ and have interests including acting, writing, martial-arts, cooking, painting, behavioural psychology and reading. I also make a mean sweet-spiced almond.

I am a self-declared expert in none of them. Maybe in reading.

Okay, and spiced almonds


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