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Forward-thinking companies worldwide are adopting corporate wellness programs in recognition that positively influencing the health of employees typically presents a considerably more impactful means of affecting performance than eking out incremental improvements in more traditional ‘business’ focused areas.

Unfortunately, we seem the same societal pattern repeating whereby companies are resorting to the quick fixes and miracle solutions over seeking more sustainable, lifestyle, options

Leftfield Workplace offers an inside-out, mind-first approach to health and offers a one-stop, comprehensive program focused on developing the foundational behaviours that underpin optimal health and performance. By contrast to the fragmented and divisive climate of nutrition and fitness this program takes an agnostic approach, presenting evidence-based information refreshingly free of dogma or agenda and is purposed towards guiding participants in determining the optimal practice for them – their owners manual.

Despite this necessarily individualistic approach, with employees moving through the program together it also serves as a team-building exercise, uniting participants over the most fundamental of their concerns, their health.

Whereas the workplace is typically but one more hurdle to address for those seeking to make lifestyle changes, by introducing and incorporating the program into the workplace this, conversely, makes it the ideal environment to initiate change, with participants – moving through the program simultaneously - then able to support each other by sharing their challenges and troubleshooting solutions. Leftfield Workplace is a team sport.

This is a 12-month curriculum (although it can be broken into smaller units) leading to dramatic, yet sustainable, changes in eating and wider lifestyle habits including exercise. Taking complex nutritional and lifestyle problems and breaking them down into small, strategic daily practices this is not merely a nutrition or 'weight-loss' program, but a self-managed program focused on lifestyle-related behaviour change and is unique in incorporating nutritional research and world-leading training methodologies in combination with the best practices of change psychology.

Leftfield Workplace is a proven, step-by-step system to equip your workforce with the skills to look, feel and perform at their best. It further demonstrates that employee welfare is a genuine focus of your organisation. When presented within the confines of a company, department or team, it has the potential to revolutionise the health and performance of your workforce in short order. Happier, more confident and productive doesn’t begin to describe the effect it can elicit in people. It is, without hyperbole, life-changing.

This same program is now also offered to staff at local schools at a special academic rate.

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The single best thing I have done for myself. Ever I have broken some terrible food related habits. Having been an emotional eater my whole life, I have learned how to separate the two and can now confidently say my emotions don’t drive my food choices.
— R. Brownhill, 40.
The core messages/values that inform the nutrition habits, the structure of the program and the learning content (i.e. doing a little bit better, doing what you can with what you have, re-setting everyday, making use of experiential and bodily feedback) are easy, sensible, achievable and applicable in all areas of life. This was a safe, welcoming and supportive environment in which to try something new and push my boundaries. 
— Fleur Gabriel, 37
This program is customised to you, your lifestyle and your career. You cannot fall off the wagon on this program because there is no wagon. This is a sustainable lifestyle nutritional program that gives you results, not a fad or something you do for 7 days and get back to feeling shite then doing it all over again.
— Manju Deo, 48
I found myself using the knowledge learned daily, but as part of my own lifestyle, that I can manage and adapt accordingly. My relationships with others have improved markedly as my physical and psychological energies have heightened.
— J. Henderson, 63