Mindset, nutrition, training, recovery and play - none of which exist in a vacuum - with no illusion of separation between any of these factors or indeed, your everyday live. Whatever your goal, from athletic to aesthetic, each is influenced by the other and so none of this is an either/or proposition. The alignment of each of these elements makes Leftfield a one-stop body shop. But only because we begin with the mind.


[TL:DR Do what you want. After you do what you need]

Through Leftfield you get the tools with which you will create your own, ever-evolving fitness practice that will continue to serve you throughout your life. We train outdoors. Yes, sometimes it rains and other times it's hot. Sometimes it's both. There is no television, and you can't adjust the temperature or the music. It is what it is, and the only thing we can change, through our preparation and attitude towards it, is ourselves. In just the same fashion as what we are training for - life. 

"You ask advice: ah, what a very human and very dangerous thing to do! For to give advice to a man who asks what to do with his life implies something very close to egomania. To presume to point a man to the right and ultimate goal—to point with a trembling finger in the RIGHT direction is something only a fool would take upon himself." - Hunter S. Thompson

Not the usual go-to source for a fitness related quote but, in this instance at least, Thompson and I are on the same page, and far be it for me to presume to know what's best for you. Whatever vision of fitness or dietary success you might conjure up will only happen, and stick around, if you work with your body and mind. So, we'll get things lined up in that department, and then it's all yours. 




Personal and group? Yes, the best of both world's. Again, by necessity - mere observance of how your body works - because there is no such thing as generic exercise when it comes to training - i.e. if getting 'better' is the intention.

An exercise is either purposely and specifically directed to your body and a desired outcome, or it's a lottery. There is no middle ground here, despite what the fitness media would have you believe. Any old exercise can certainly make you sweaty and tired, neither of which necessarily equates with being good for you.

A high degree of fitness in no way guarantees movement quality. In the same way we see the results of a focus on food quantity and convenience over quality, unfortunately the same argument can be made for exercise.


Which is why all Leftfield Training begins with - and periodically throughout - the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). The FMS is a middle ground between a medical assessment, (am I cleared to exercise?), and any subsequent performance measure (how many pushups can I do?), that identifies potential trouble-spots that will, at the very least, dilute your efforts at training.

In performing certain movements your body may be fighting itself. These inefficiencies can be likened to driving a car with the handbrake on. This is not only inefficient, but will ultimately cause damage. Were you to add further physical capacity (through exercise) to the equation, then clearly the risk only increases. You still have the handbrake on only now you are driving faster.

 In the same way repetition makes any activity easier, exercise serves only to reinforce the current pattern. If a pattern is already dysfunctional then exercise only cements it. It’s important to realise that the point of exercise is not to make you good at exercise. It must enhance your life.

All exercise is not created equal and the bodyweight exercise that forms the base of Leftfield Training is unique in positively influencing every one of the top 10 biomarkers of health. What many see as 'exercise' is, at best, just one facet of a balanced fitness program. If there is a fountain of youth, it is resistance training and bodyweight training in particular. When it comes to Zumba or a jog around the Tan, these claims are simply not on the table.

With conditioning addressed through varying methodologies including interval training (HIIT), and all training interspersed with prescribed mobility and corrective drills although your programming is tailored specifically to you, you also enjoy the support and encouragement of the group.




The modern-day climate of fat-loss formulas and weight-loss miracles reveal an industry focused solely on smoke and mirrors instead of actually serving its customers. The staggering number of these businesses confirm that this is working, and yet the rate of failure for their customers - at 92% who regain any weight lost - is almost total. They succeed only in pulling the wool over their customer's eyes, making them believe the fault lies with them not the product, and if they only give it another go - it'll be different this time. 

If it ever had any chance of working, we might fairly expect to see a parade of one happy, satisfied success story, after the next. Instead, we see the opposite. But given that the standard playbook invariably means the sacrificing of your physical and psychological health for the promise of your dream body, this failure is the least surprising part. 

At Leftfield you discover that not only is it possible to eat in such a way that it ticks ALL the boxes - health, physique and performance, without giving up your favourite foods or going crazy in the meantime, it is the only way to succeed.


With Leftfield you are guided through the most comprehensive, practical nutrition coaching program available - the peer-reviewed - the gold standard of scientific evaluation - Precision Nutrition (PN). Breaking the complex science down into a series of achievable habits and principles, this program is unique in also incorporating the best practices of change psychology, helping to ensure your long-term success. 

But it goes much deeper than just food. Reflecting the same Leftfield holistic philosophy of working with body and mind this is a program of triage - dealing with the most important things first. In focusing on your next best step many are surprised to learn that frequently this is not dietary change

Leftfield Training, in any form, is necessarily the same offering: recognising the principles by which your body and mind operate and observing them within a corresponding framework and strict order of operations.

Health>Fitness>Performance achieved via Principles>Strategies>Tactics>Tools

Because that’s how your body and mind work. The countless variables that make each of us unique individuals remain predicated on series of physiological rules. By targeting the relevant area and then tuning it to the individual makes Leftfield Training an approach that cannot fail to unlock your success.

[Note: the fitness and dietary industries work from exactly the wrong (right hand side) end of the scale - putting the cart before the horse. Failing to recognise that the best tactics and tools will never overcome a poor strategy. And that nothing in opposition to the fundamental principles will ever work. This only further creates confused customers who not know what they need, but think they do - the textbook example is expecting an exercise solution to solve a nutritional problem.]

If you have tried the fad diets, the magic pills, the hot ‘tip’ and been disappointed and are ready to commit to getting the body you want, and you want to do it right this time, and for the last time. This is nutrition made simple. Good nutrition is always contextual but whether you have the 2.3 kids, work an 80 hour week, or spend 3 days a week on the road, Leftfield Nutrition helps you take the best information available and turn it into results in the real world – your world.

We can only ever reflect the sum total of our dietary, exercise and lifestyle habits. Leftfield Training does not resort to tired old standard dietary and fitness practices in some futile, curiously arrogant attempt to 'change the body'.

We change behaviour; the body changes itself.


With individual trainees aligning themselves with these principles and learning to apply them within the context both of their lifestyles and their wants and needs, the specific 'recipe' is both unique to the individual and ever-evolving. All too uncommon in the modern day, these are skills that have you miles ahead of the zoo-human curve. Leftfield Training is for those who want to take control over how they look, feel and perform. Permanently.

This model as described is that followed by all Leftfield Group trainees at Burnley Park, Richmond. If you do not live locally or scheduling issues make attendance impossible, note that you are best served not by the fastest, easiest, closest, convenient or the most comfortable, but only by a process through which you come to develop personal responsibility - to learn to trust yourself and your own fitness and dietary decisions.

Leftfield Training is also offered as an online program - LEFTFIELD YOUNIVERSITY - and for those that are seeking that extra degree of attention, a premium 1:1 service. So as to maintain a high quality of service, these are strictly limited and a waiting list may apply.

The application of this training model under the care and guidance of a highly qualified and experienced personal trainer and coach can and does change peoples lives. Try it and see for yourself - risk free.


LEFTFIELD PRIVATE - from 182/week

Leftfield Training represents a significant investment of both your time and money. And while I can almost guarantee it will be quite different to what you expect, I further insist you are more than satisfied with your investment. 


The best way to truly understand how the Leftfield model works is to experience it for yourself through either a free trial period, or a phone consultation for the Private option. Serving as an introduction to the Leftfield approach this also helps you understand the adjustments necessary to incorporate the full training program should you decide to do so. 

In keeping with the Leftfield ethos of self-reliance and personal responsibility you will never be subject to any pressure and there are no up-sells, no hidden extras. Leftfield is not for everyone, we understand and respect that. 

Leftfield Training has changed my perception of exercise! I wasn’t getting the results I wanted at the gym and was finding it hard to stay motivated. Since I have been training with Leftfield I not only have motivation for my training but motivation for life. I’ve never seen results in myself that I’m seeing today!
— Catherine Trompp
Having recently turned 49 and working in an executive position, developing a sustainable work/life balance has become increasingly important to me, but when I heard about the Leftfield Training program, I initially thought, ‘nutrition’, that just means dieting. My expectations were clearly proven wrong! I’ve achieved my goals, but, most importantly, I know it’s sustainable as it has provided me with the tools to maintain a holistic approach to nutrition, physical health and mental well being. I have to say it’s one of the best investments I’ve made in myself
— T. Hast, 49.
I started about 4 months post-partum so had some ‘baby weight’ to lose. My aim was to return to my pre-pregnancy size and weight and I achieved that as well as some improved body definition. One of the best things was noticing greater muscle definition in my arms and legs than I’d ever had before. I also used to struggle to sit on my knees due to an old injury and was delighted to realise one day that in fact I’d been able to comfortably sit on my knees for a while (thankyou squats). These are little improvements of themselves but they contributed greatly to my sense of achievement and motivation to continue.
— F. Gabriel, 37
I was particularly impressed with intertwining physical fitness, mental strength and productivity – creating a skeleton of habits and activities that supported everything else in my life. My fitness, physique, mood and productivity have all improved because of things I continue to this day.
— Russell Hunter, 37
After years of running at my same slow-ish pace and attending various gyms, I tried out Leftfield Training at a friend’s recommendation. I’ve now been doing small group training with Oli for 3 years and still love every session. The best part is his genuine excitement when any of us have a little fitness breakthrough. Oli’s philosophy and techniques have helped me to take responsibility for my own fitness and strength. His caring attitude permeates our training group—he has fostered a great camaraderie between us. He is positive without being irritatingly so and he pushes me to go harder without yelling like a Drill Sargeant! And I can’t say enough about how wonderful it is to train outdoors on a regular basis, rain or shine. I relish that time after a hard day at the office.
— Brigette Pierce, 32